Toxicology / Drug / Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Testing

Accredited Testing (ISO 17025)

We have wide range of ISO 17025 accredited testing services available:

Pharmaceutical / Pharmacology Testing

Pyrogen test, intracutaneously irritation, acute systematic toxicity, primary skin irritation testing, dermal sensitization study, eye irritation, acute oral and dermal toxicity and etc.

Toxicology / Anticancer / Biomaterial Safety Analysis

We offer In vitro safety (cytotoxicity)/ anticancer analysis and In vivo safety/ anticancer analysis.

Behavioural Testing

Place preference test system (mice/rat), basic drug self admin (mice/rat), microsurgery microscope Carl Zeiss, motorized stereotaxic micromanipulator, FE180 stimulus isolator and etc.

Carcinogenic Nitrosamines Analysis


Other Testing Services / Instruments

Vape juice analysis for adulterants, heavy metal testing (AAS), NMR service for determination of drug identity, compound analysis, porcine DNA screening, whitening agents screening, corticosteroid screening, testing of antidiabetic agents and cholesterol lowering drugs, pesticide screening, Blood Brain Barrier Testing, In vitro anti cancer study and etc.